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Past Exhibitions

“Ours is a City of Writers”

Ours is a City of Writers
February 5, 2017 to March 26, 2017


New approaches to writing can be seen everywhere across the contemporary art world. In Los Angeles, as a city whose arts and writing communities often center around art schools, shared modes of critical engagement, discussion and inquiry are especially evident. These innovative writing practices in our city, from fiction and poetry to theory and criticism, each seems to find their corresponding forms in art, and vice versa. Ours is a city of writers who matter a great deal to artists; of artists who are also writers; of writers who are also musicians, dancers, performers or visual artists; and so many other incarnations besides.


We take this orientation as the basis for a project that engages non-traditional approaches to writing and representing. Through a version of the surrealist “exquisite corpse,” invited writers have selected artists to collaborate, and, likewise, invited artists have selected writers. The participants approached their collaborations in numerous ways. While in some cases writers produced new texts in response to their artist-collaborators’ work, in others, artists took on the function of writers, displaying materials not initially intended to be art objects. Each scenario results in a piece of writing, artwork, performance or lecture. As presented in the gallery or as part of the live programs, these new works tends to exist among and between the distinctions of language, object and event.


Taken together, the personal connections exhibited in these works trace threads of belonging in Los Angeles, communities that preexist and survive the project, and allegiances that have come to fuller form within it.

An online catalog and companion to the exhibition, containing short texts and more information, is located at:

Organized by Suzanne Hudson, Simon Leung and James Nisbet

Participants include: Kelly Akashi, Scott Benzel, Andrew Berardini, Dan Bustillo, Dori Carter, Kabir Carter, Sylvia Chivaratanond, Neha Choksi, Srijon ChowdhuryGinny Cook, Karon Davis, Antonio Trecel Diaz, Travis Diehl, Michelle Dizon, David Evans Frantz, Adam FeldmethPatricia Fernandez, Kathryn Garcia, Ramón García, Amy Gerstler, Natalie Graham, Katie Grinnan, Raquel Gutiérrez, Michael Ned Holte, Douglas Kearney,  Gelare Khoshgozaran, Kristina Kite, Alex Klein, Nick Kramer, Young, Joon Kwak. Viet Le, Sarah, Lehrer-Graiwer, Robin Coste Lewis, Candice Lin, Lauren Mackler, Dylan Mira, Sharon Mizota, Sohrab Mohebbi, Kavior Moon, Fred Moten, Alison O’DanielMichael O’Malley, Susanna Newbury, Gina Osterloh, Hannah Sanghee Park, Anthony Pearson, Litia Perta, Vanessa Place, Selene Preciado, Claire Rifelj, Miller Robinson, Judith Rodenbeck, Kim Schoen, Nizan Shaked, David Shook, Susan Silton, Virginia Solomon, Jenni Sorkin, Jacob Stewart-Halevy, John Tain, Anuradha VikramTerry Wolverton, Suné Woods, and Kim Ye

Participants listed in bold have work on view at LAMAG.dummy-9052_threequarterview_kimschoen


Images: top to bottom, Susan Silton, Who’s in a Name?, 2013, Scott Benzel, ISBN 978-0-9913772-0-6, 2016, Nick Kramer, Table Breath, 2013, Kim Schoen, Dummy 9052, Three-Quarter View, from “The Stand-Ins,” 2017, Katie Grinnan, “5 seconds of dreaming (study for an instrument),” 2016

Performance works and educational events during Ours is a City of Writers

Sunday, February 5
Public Opening Reception 2PM – 5PM
Performance by Young Joon Kwak and Kim Ye 3PM – 5PM

Saturday, February 25
Readings and Performances 1PM – 3PM
Robin Coste Lewis – Reading
Miller Robinson – Performance
Litia Perta and Dylan Mira – Performance
Vanessa Place and Antonio Trecel Diaz – DJ Set
Performances 3PM – 5PM
Ginny Cook and Kim Schoen of MATERIAL Press – Conversation
Ridykeulous (A.L. Steiner and others) – Performance

Saturday, March 4
Sonic Performance with Jacinto Astiazarán – 3PM

Mindful Self Compassion: Shelter in the Storm with Beth Sternlieb – 3:30PM

Sunday, March 5
Readings and Performances 1PM – 3PM
Anuradha Vikram and Patricia Fernandez – Conversation
Fred Moten and Suné Woods – Conversation/Reading
Kabir Carter – Los Angeles in the 1970’s – Presentation

Readings and Performances 3PM – 5PM
Susan Silton’s “Who’s in a Name?”:
Andrew Berardini
Ramón García
Amy Gerstler
Natalie Graham
Kavior Moon
Susanna Newbury
Hannah Sanghee Park
David Shook
Susan Silton
Virginia Solomon
Terry Wolverton

Saturday, March 11


Families will have the opportunity to create a poem or story as they learn about the interconnection between art and writing.

Sunday, March 26

Readings and Performances 1PM – 3PM

Michelle Dizon, Viet Le, Faith Wilding – Performative Reading
Gelare Khoshgozaran and Dan Bustillo – Performance
John Tain and Scott Benzel – Performance and Conversation
Sohrab Mohebbi and Adam Feldmeth – Conversation

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