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"This is a black and white schematic representing Alexandre Dorriz’s work. The schematic is the floorplan of the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery."

Alexandre Dorriz
March 18 — April 22, 2021

Image representing the newly commissioned public sculpture by Alexandre Dorriz.

The City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) and the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery (LAMAG) presented a series of four solo exhibitions featuring newly commissioned work by Los Angeles artists Panteha Abareshi, Alexandre Dorriz, Tristan Espinoza, and Maru Garcia. These series of exhibitions reimagined the role of the gallery experience for our current times by presenting research-based artists outside of the white box.


Alexandre Dorriz’s practice investigates power networks often unnoticed behind the facades of public works, researching politics behind public essentials such as space, land-use, and water distribution. Dorriz’s Public Sculpture 001-C took viewers through a journey of research, tallying and mapping the many means and measures involved in advancing an artist’s concept through production phases and public presentation, ultimately revealing the internal exchanges that determinately shape and shift the materialization and fabricated value structuring a commissioned public work. Dorriz’s research-based process unfurls bureaucratic affairs to issue a space for vital conversations in creative production, such as the monetization of creative labor, complicated discrepancies in funding, and the dynamics behind transactions such as donations and public acquisitions and their political substrates. 

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Alexandre Dorriz [b. 1990, Los Angeles, California (he/him)] has previously exhibited at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Visitor Welcome Center, Human Resources, ltd los angeles, and the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles. Dorriz’s writing has appeared in Temporary Art Review, and his work has been featured in the Los Angeles Review of Books Quarterly and reviewed in Artforum. He is an artist-gallerist-organizer and co-founder of the Crenshaw Dairy Mart and inaugural professor for the Social and Environmental Arts Practice MFA at Prescott College, where he will teach courses on studio practice and critical museology. Dorriz received his MFA at the University of Southern California and his BA at the University of California, Berkeley.