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Artist Opportunities

The City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) and Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery offer numerous opportunities for artists. See below for our current artist opportunity.


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Next summer, the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery will present a show conceived from the subject of offal (ˈôfəl,ˈäfəl), or the culture of consuming innards—a subject matter we hope will not be too awful to stomach.


Offal is not for everyone. In the context of food, innards are treated as a food staple and delicacy across the world but is discarded and stigmatized as uncivilized in the United States. But these hidden, interlinked yet separate systems of organs function together (as a grotesque yet powerful community) to sustain all life. Each is as different from the other as the tastes of every person, community, and culture.


Using “offal” as the guiding metaphor, the Gallery seeks art that feeds into deeper issues involving food gentrification and insecurity, taboos, race, gender, and class. Taken together, these issues form the beating heart of what and how Los Angeles is as a creative community today.


The aim of this exhibition is to create a centralized space where the Los Angeles creative community can participate, ingest/digest, and share ideas that speak to the offal in all of us.


Click here for FAQs. See below for the offal-artist’s guide to submit work for this exhibition: