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Intern’s Perspective
Ashley Grattan

Los Angeles is one of the largest (and one of the youngest) major cities in the world, inhabited by widely varying and ethnically diverse communities. I believe the prospect of finding some solitude amid urban chaos is what fosters the individuality and creative essence of this city. Shortly upon my arrival here, I began an internship at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, an institution which embodies the spirit of how crucial self-expression through contemporary art has been for the artists that call this city home. For more than half of a century, LAMAG has provided a space for underrepresented artists and communities to contribute to the ever growing artistic scene of the greater Los Angeles area.


As an individual who sought out a place to align with my values, I know that I’ve found it here, both in this city and at my temporary LAMAG home. I’m ever grateful to be a part of an organization that nurtures the messages of these artists and to personally help commemorate the rich history of the gallery through our archival displays.


Throughout the 20th century to the present day, the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery has played a critical role in the city’s development as a place of personal growth for artists of every background and identity. Those who have had the opportunity to show here have presented their commentary, criticism, understanding and perception of the world as they’ve lived it. This freedom of expression – without regard to conventionality or societal expectation – is a testament to why the world’s eyes remain on LA.