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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the current exhibition free?

Yes, admission to the gallery is free.

Is there a gift shop here?

Unfortunately, there is not one.

Is this connected to Hollyhock House?

We are both operated by the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs. Hollyhock House was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and built between 1919 and 1921. The LAMAG building was designed by Arthur Stephens and Dennis Wehmueller and completed in 1971.

Where is the Barnsdall Art Center / Junior Art Center?

The Junior Art Center is directly south of LAMAG. If you are exiting the gallery, you would make a left, and go down the ramp. There are multiple rooms but there is an office where you can get more information.

Is the park wheelchair accessible?

Yes, all venues at the park are handicap accessible and there are designated parking spaces at the top of the hill in the Hollyhock House motor court (see map).

Are picnics and alcohol allowed in the park?

You are welcome to enjoy your picnic at the park with non-alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is not allowed on the grounds of public parks in Los Angeles. Please do not stake umbrellas, tents or any other objects into the ground.

How do I propose an exhibition at the Gallery?

Artist opportunities include the COLA Fellowship program, administered by DCA Grants Division. Please visit (link) for more information.

Can I film or video in the park?

All requests for filming on the grounds at Barnsdall Park must be submitted to the Department of Recreation and Parks Film Office – phone 323.644.6220.

Can I let my dog play off the leash in the park?

In common with other city parks, licensed dogs must be held on a leash while in the Park. (Ord. No. 153,027)

Can I fly my drone over the park?

No, unmanned aerial vehicles are not allowed to operate from, or over the Park.

How do I report broken lights etc. in the park?

Please report all maintenance issues to the City’s mobile app – http://m.laparks.org/

What if I see inappropriate behavior in the park?

The LAPD’s non-emergency crime number is 877.275.5273. The LAPD monitors Barnsdall Art Park from their Hollywood Community Police Station – phone 213.972.2971.

I am a member of the press/media, who can I contact?

Please contact us  lamagpress@lacity.org.

I have general questions about the park. Who do I contact?

For all inquiries regarding Barnsdall Art Park, please contact barnsdallartpark@lacity.org.