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Intern’s Perspective
Jill Morris

I turned the corner just in time to see a gallery guest, who thought he was alone, spread his arms out and quietly mouth, “kaboom.”
The man in his 50s felt no shame, at least none that I could sense, and walked away. The video installation Total Destruction of the Anthropology Museum began its loop anew.
I, like the guest I caught having a moment of fun, greatly enjoy the fictional demolition of Mexico City’s museum. Perhaps it is a sign I’m a real American, after all! Not because I’m against Mexico, but because I’m for explosions. When debris flies I feel calm.
Destruction is creation, and, this particular destruction is the creation of a metaphor about Mexico’s neglect of history. In particular, their own history of the Mayan, Aztec, and other pre-Hispanic cultures.
The artist Eduardo Abaroa takes the time to ground this metaphor in reality by consulting with a demolition expert, who advises him on a second part of the installation: silkscreens of demolition plans.
As someone attracted to know-it-alls, I thoroughly appreciate the silkscreens and accompanying text created to explain the demolition
The combination of history, science, and explosion draw me to this piece and make me want to spread out my arms and mouth,”kaboom.”