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This is a color photograph of an abstract painting by artist Sharon Louise Barnes entitled Where Chilly Winds Don’t Blow. The painting features an assortment of geometric shapes and collaged elements primarily in shades of red, orange and black in an off-kilter composition and arrangement. These shapes stretch from the top left side to partially covering the right side. Blocks of light blue, medium blue and dark blue-black shapes ground the clusters of red shapes and collaged elements. There are loose, light grey-white brushstrokes that swish across the bottom left corner and right side. The top of the painting has a border of various brushstrokes of blue and gray.

LAMAG Learn:
Resistance, Resilience, and Radical Beauty: With Readings from Gwendolyn Brooks Recording

Watch our latest free digital program with COLA 2022 Design/Visual Artist Sharon Louise Barnes. In this intimate program organized by curator Jamie Costa, Barnes reads selections that inspired her new work. Her practice interweaves culture, historic context and ancestral memory to explore journeys of resilience and beauty. With a background in music and screenplay writing, Barnes, in part, is inspired by what can be drawn from the written word and how “writing articulates the soul”. Drawing from the work of Gwendolyn Brooks, Barnes’ latest work powerfully expounds the history and experiences of a Black woman living in America that boldly stands in honoring the survival and flourishing of African American culture in the winds of challenging times.

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Image credit: Sharon Louise Barnes, “Where Chilly Winds Don’t Blow” (detail), 2022. courtesy of the artist.