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Happenings Here at LAMAG

Saturday, January 5, 2019 12 – 4 PM,

Participants joined us as we celebrated the new year and closing weekend of Here with a special afternoon of programs and performance with a few of the exhibition’s artists:


Attendees participated in Trace #MyLA, an artmaking workshop inspired by works in the exhibition that trace the layered and shared history of Los Angeles.


Participants experienced The Dropped Call, a collaborative performance directed by Here exhibition artist Alison O’Daniel which featured musicians Gabie Strong and Aaron Olson. Using the logic of a game of telephone, the song was slowly shaped through a developing score and set of instructions and descriptions passed along to the musicians via O’Daniel and audience participants, who determined how best to explain the differences in each musicians’ performance in order to reach a final, similar sound.


Participants explored drawing and different modes of communication with Here exhibition artist Gloria Galvez and Carolina Hicks in Mapping Un/Seen Space, a self-driven workshop utilizing spatial drawing prompts that pulled and twisted at the normative experience of seeing space to communally draw a map of LAMAG’s front entrance outdoor area.


All programs and performance were free and open to all.