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This is a still image from the digital video artwork Bathroom Stall Tears Part 1 by artist Yoshie Sakai. In the image, Sakai is dressed as a younger version of herself (pictured on the left) and her grandmother (pictured on the right). The character on the left is situated in a bathtub with only her head visible and two bottles of soap placed on a small crevice of the wall. She is smiling while looking up at the character on the right. The character on the right is sitting on top of a toilet, and is dressed wearing a short sleeve patterned blouse, dark brown pants, and silver wig styled in a low bun. She has her hands folded in her lap with a slight smile on her face as she looks down at the character in the bathtub. To her right is a white cabinet, and to her left is a light pink colored towel.

LAMAG Learn:
Grandma Movements, Moments, and Mementos with Yoshie Sakai

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Watch our latest free digital program with COLA 2022 Visual Art/Design Fellow Yoshie Sakai and LAMAG curator Jamie Costa as they discuss Sakai’s film Grandma Movements, Moments, and Mementos. Learn about how Sakai explores both the real and perceived family dynamics and intergenerational roles portrayed in popular culture. As part of a new body of work titled Grandma Entertainment Franchise, Sakai’s latest work for COLA 2022, this film honors and celebrates senior populations inspired by her own memories and experiences with the women in her family.

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Image credit: Yoshie Sakai, Grandma Nightclub, single-channel video (part of a three-channel video installation). 2022. courtesy of the artist.