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This is a color photograph of artist Maru Garcia holding her arms out in front of her and smiling towards something off-camera. Maru is wearing a black t-shirt and has her hair up in a bun. There is an object draped across her hands made of material that resembles slime. It is drooping down on either side, and is mostly transluscent with a slight yellow tinge. There is another hand belonging to someone out of frame that is reaching toward to touch the material. Behind Maru, there is a white gallery wall visible with shadows visible.

Playing with SCOBY Workshop

Friday, March 26 at 1 PM PST

In this family friendly workshop, participants learned how to make their own kombucha culture with exhibition artist Maru Garcia. Garcia walked participants through the step by step process of creating culture and discuss the basics of SCOBY.


Please note contents are intended for educational purposes only and not consumption.


Supplies required:

SCOBY Kombucha starter (also called “mother”): https://store.poseymom.com/products/poseymom-kombucha-natural-probiotic

1/2 cup of sugar

1 L purified water

2 black tea bags

1 TBSP white vinegar


Spray bottle with rubbing alcohol

Non-porous container with lid

Measuring cup

Wooden board or any other absorbent board to dry the leather on

Coconut oil

pH strips (optional)

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