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Lukas Geronimas
October 14—December 12, 2021

This is a color photograph of five artworks by Lukas Geronimas. On the left in the foreground is the sculpture Puzzlemaster, which is a sculpture of a dark grey seated figure on a wood pedestal placed on top of a dolly. To the right of this work is the sculpture Custom Hung Valance, which is a sculpture constructed of wooden racks and stretched muslin resembling a Gothic-style window. To the right of this work on a perpendicular wall in the background is the artwork Custom Vent, which is hung sculpture made of muslin and plywood resembling a vent on a wall. On the far right in the middle ground is the sculpture Barnsdall Column, which is constructed in nine segments with four multi-paneled and colored wood components in the shape of a cross and five ten-sided prisms made of a custom resurfaced plexiglass in a dark grey-black color. The cross pieces are modeled after the LAMAG's unique column design. Along the perimeter of the floor and walls of this installation is another artwork titled Puzzledust, which is sawdust that was produced, collected and stored by the artist over the past two years.

Lukas Geronimas installation view, 2021. image courtesy of the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery. photo: Jeff McLane

The City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) and the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery (LAMAG) presented the first institutional solo exhibition by Los Angeles artist Lukas Geronimas.


Lukas Geronimas created a series of new sculptural works, commissioned especially for the gallery, that evoked ancient ritualistic objects. This included a column, tomb, relics, as well as a series of pointed Gothic-style window frames, that make reference to the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery’s church-like floor plan. The exhibition featured a sculpture incorporating iconic elements from a cross-cultural range of devotional figures. Evoking the auratic status of sacred objects and spaces, these works explored the alchemical process by which inanimate things come to be imbued with spiritual significance. While the exhibition adopted a critical stance toward object-worship, Geronimas still prizes craftsmanship and painstakingly hand-makes every sculpture to both embrace and query traditional notions of authorship and artistic genius.

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Special thank you to the Los Angeles Public Library for their generous support and time in developing this virtual tour.

  • Lukas Geronimas, installation view, 2021. courtesy of the artist and Parker Gallery. photo: Jeff McLane.

Lukas Geronimas (b. 1980 in Toronto, Canada, lives and works in Los Angeles, CA). Select solo exhibitions include Swallow Your World, Parker Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (2018), Seminal Echo, 247365, New York, NY (2016), Lukas Geronimas LIVE from the Landing, the Landing, Los Angeles, CA (2016) and Greatest Show on Rearth, David Petersen, Minneapolis, MN (2015). Select group exhibitions include Strange Attractors: the Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Art, organized by Bob Nickas at Redling Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA (2017), Commodus Operandi, Andrew Rafacz, Chicago, IL (2016), Continuous Surfaces, Andrea Rosen Gallery 2, New York, NY (2015), Three Cups Fragrance, Bodega, New York, NY (2014), Two and a Half Men, Cooper Cole, Toronto, Ontario (2014), and Particular Pictures, Suzanne Geiss Company, New York, NY (2014).