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Lukas Geronimas

August 6 – September 27, 2020
Opening reception: Sunday, August 2, 2 – 5 PM


The Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery presents the first institutional solo exhibition in Los Angeles by artist Lukas Geronimas. 


The exhibition will feature a series of new sculptural works, commissioned especially for the gallery that evoke the forms of ritualistic objects. This includes three works described by Geronimas as a column, a tomb and a philosopher’s stone; an apocryphal object prized by ancient and medieval alchemists for its ability to transform base metals into gold. A series of pointed Gothic-style windows, constructed from stretched muslin and wooden frames, will line the gallery walls and make reference to the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery’s basilica-style floor plan. The exhibition will culminate in a final room dedicated to a sculpture incorporating iconic elements from a cross-cultural range of devotional figures.


Invoking traditions both ancient and sacred, these works evoke the auratic status of revered objects and spaces. Geronimas plays with the conventional power dynamic that has historically been established between architecture, works of art and the viewer, inviting us to consider the alchemical process by which inanimate things come to be imbued with spiritual significance.  While the exhibition adopts a critical stance toward object-worship, Geronimas still prizes craftsmanship, hand-making and painstakingly detailing every sculpture in a virtuosic display of skill. Rejecting the increasingly outsourced nature of art fabrication, the artist both embraces and queries traditional notions of authorship and artistic genius.


Lukas Geronimas (b. 1980 in Toronto, Canada, lives and works in Los Angeles, CA). Select solo exhibitions include Seminal Echo, 247365, New York, NY (2016), Lukas Geronimas LIVE from the Landing, the Landing, Los Angeles, CA (2016) and Greatest Show on Rearth, David Petersen, Minneapolis, MN (2015). Select group exhibitions include Strange Attractors: the Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Art, organized by Bob Nickas at Redling Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA (2017), Commodus Operandi, Andrew Rafacz, Chicago, IL (2016), Continuous Surfaces, Andrea Rosen Gallery 2, New York, NY (2015), Three Cups Fragrance, Bodega, New York, NY (2014), Two and a Half Men, Cooper Cole, Toronto, Ontario (2014), and Particular Pictures, Suzanne Geiss Company, New York, NY (2014).